December 13 2008 – ongoing
Opening Saturday, December 13th, 2008 (online)
Ping Kwan
Organized by Mitch McEwen and MonstaH Black, SUPERFRONT

SUPERFRONT gallery is proud to present A VOID, an online exhibition designed by Ping Kwan and inspired by his collaboration with a Brooklyn-based choreographer.  This “virtual” installation is on view from December 13, 2008 onward at .  ARCHEOGRAPHY II (A VOID) is the second of a series of Archeography Projects curated by SUPERFRONT, which will present the combined work of architects and choreographers through May 2009.

Due to a severe accident, the planned choreography could not be developed or performed.  Thus, the performance is twice displaced, first away from the body of the performer and second away from materiality itself.  A series of images delineate shimmering walls that ricochet, twist, and collapse, dividing (a representation of) the gallery space into an unpredictable series of events. Various sound collages float on- and offline, just as the sounds they are composed of float in and out of earshot. As in Georges Perec’s lipogrammatic novel A Void, written without using the letter “E,” the absence of what is gone heightens the experience of what remains.



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