Like much larger and more established institutions, SUPERFRONT has been impacted by the economic crisis.  In our industrial corner of Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn, the economic crisis takes the form of a frustrated entrepreneurial neighbor who has refused to share the backyard with us for less than a whopping $500 per month.  Refusing this extortion, SUPERFRONT has been forced to cancel outdoor summer programming, including the witty installation by PLANDA.

So with the backyard closed we have decided to pack more into the gallery than ever before.

Come this weekend for the public opening of PAST FORWARD, an exhibit produced by a partnership between Weeksville Heritage Center and Boys and Girls High School.  Over 10 weeks these students worked with a preservation educator to explore the social and building history of Weeksville and Bedford Stuyvesant.  Regular gallery hours 1pm – 6pm, Saturday and Sunday, until June 30.

Of course, if you didn’t make it to the opening of ARCHEOGRAPHY IV, now is the time to visit the beautifully malleable installation by Live Architecture Network.  Open until June 30.

To celebrate the indomitability of experimental architecture, in the face of economic crisis and extortionist neighbors, SUPERFRONT is throwing THE RECESSION FAIR – this Sunday only. Come dance, drink, eat, and shop at the gallery between 1PM and 6pm Sunday.  We are introducing SUPERFRONT T-Shirts designed by An+An and baked goods by Anthony.

See you all there!!


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