Announcing the jury selected winner of the Public Summer charrette @IndustryCity …

SUPERFRONT is proud to announce the winning design for this year’s PUBLIC SUMMER: “Weightless Pull” by team CO.

SUPERFRONT’s PUBLIC SUMMER program offers young designers the opportunity to produce a temporary installation for local performers, non-profits, community groups, arts programs, or other civic-minded groups in Brooklyn. This summer’s 3,000 sq ft space is accessible from 2nd Avenue in Sunset Park, located between formerly industrial buildings at Industry City near 36th street west of the BQE. For 8 weeks from mid July – September, this former loading courtyard is being converted into a festival space designed specifically for the neighborhood’s contemporary performance and arts activity.

Jury included: Vito Acconci (Acconci Studio), K8 Hardy, Mitchell Joachim (TerraForm), Olympia Kazi (Van Alen), and Ada Tolla (LOT-EK)

Jury-Selected Winning Proposal:
Weightless Pull

CO (Christina Ciardullo and Naomi Ocko)

About CO:
Upon graduating with Masters in Architecture from The Graduate School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation at Columbia University, Christina Ciardullo and Naomi Ocko founded CO, a collaborative research studio to explore their combined interest in fields, networks, systems, circulation, and tension. This experiment is one in a line of attempts to make material the space of these concepts – to produce a system of order and tension in architecture.

They both approach architecture from multidisciplinary backgrounds, both having studied physics and philosophy, and mathematics and art, respectively. Their latest designs have been finalists in TEX FAB’s Repeat Competition in Houston, and Figment’s City of Dreams Pavilion in Governor’s Island.

The work is concerned with:
GEOMETRY fields and linear systems
MECHANICS simple intuitive systems that are natural to the chosen
materials and geometry
MATERIALS materials that are repeatable, reusable, and economically sustainable


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