“Lab for Urban Futures: Detroit” at the Queens Museum

October 8, 2011 3-5pm – Detroit Misresembled: SUPERFRONT walk-through at the Queens Museum of Art.  Free + open to the public.

SUPERFRONT offers a critical walk-through tour of Detroit: Disassembled that situates the aesthetic of ruination within a larger conversation about representations of Detroit and the post-industrial city.  Led by SUPERFRONT curators Chloë Bass and Mitch McEwen, this walking tour launches the Lab for Urban Futures: Detroit, an event series at the Queens Museum of Art. The tour invites viewers to actively engage with and discuss the seductive power of Andrew Moore’s images.  The question of iconography is explored in terms of the art historical references at work in Moore’s photographs, as well as through an investigation of the complex role of iconography in the contemporary urban environment.  The discussion continues with a presentation on the traveling SUPERFRONT exhibit DETROIT: A BROOKLYN CASE STUDY. Participants are invited to contribute their comments to an upcoming Lab for Urban Futures publication.

The Lab for Urban Futures: Detroit consists of a series of live events and rapid publications that invite guests from a range of disciplines to consider Detroit as a provocation for new investigations and experiments in urbanism.  Co-produced by Chloë Bass and Mitch McEwen, the curators of SUPERFRONT’s traveling exhibit DETROIT: A BROOKLYN CASE STUDY, the series focuses on the future of city development for a post-industrial age.  From transformations in land use and waterfront activity to abandoned buildings and shifting residential populations, the post-industrial stage of capitalism has major long-term implications for American cities. Working with urban sociologists, independent media producers, food enthusiasts, agriculture activists, urban designers, architects and other urban strategists, the Lab invites the public to engage these locally-relevant issues through the lens of Detroit.

Admission is by suggested donation. Adults: $5 Senior and Children: $2.50 Members and Children under five: Free