January 14th 3pm-6pm SUPERFRONT presents “Design with Detroit: Urban Futures” rapid charrette

On January 14th 3pm-6pm SUPERFRONT presents “Design with Detroit: Urban Futures,” a rapid design charrette for students and young designers at the Queens Museum of Art.  Designers will have 30 minutes to review a brief and 2 hours to respond with design drawings in real time.  The goal of the charrette is to generate designs informed by awareness of the city’s rich contemporary cultural practices, as well as the history of anti-displacement organizing in Detroit and beyond. The design problems to address range from the rehabilitation of historic buildings in commercial districts to design-build strategies for multi-generational education centers and productive use of collective open space.  The program brief for the design includes a screening of the 12-minute music video/documentary “Locusts,” a work of Detroit-based EMERGENCE media.  This is the 3rd event in SUPERFRONT’s Lab for Urban Futures series at the Queens Museum of Art, which culminates with a publication release in February.

To participate in the charrette please rsvp to info@superfront.org with your full name by Jan 12.