The Library of Immediacy is Open!











On July 21st, PUBLIC SUMMER 2012 opened on Governors Island with the Library of Immediacy. Photos from the event can be seen here.

Feel free to come by and exchange your unwanted/special/favorite books and to add to the growing collection at the Library! In addition, bring your coveted objects to DADDY‘s ongoing display called #LOANER, where the histories of each object are being recorded and logged.

Join us on weekends until September 23rd for events and workshops at the Library of Immediacy.

A detailed list of our events can be found here. All events are free and open to all ages.















August events include:
Sunday, August 5

Join the Occupy Puppet Guild in a performance & puppet building workshop, all ages welcome!
Saturday, August 11
Add your Story to the Library of Immediacy. Make a Mini-book with Rachel Schragis.
Saturday, August 18
Join Occupy University for a Critical Walking on Governors Island.
August 19, 25 + 26th
Think Tank Discussions including “For the future of island/lesson on lesser islands”

See you on the island!

The Library of Immediacy is open on Saturdays and Sundays. For directions to Governors island, click here.


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