September at the Library of Immediacy

Join us for the last month of events at the Library of Immediacy on Governors Island!
September 9, 2pm: Poetry Reading by Marcella Durand & Jennifer Firestone
September 16, all day: “Check It Out” by Maya Pindyck and Carla Repice
With a temporal map as your guide, these artists will guide you to sites throughout the island by placing unexpected labels onto unexpected things.
September 22 + 23, 11-6pm: Closing Weekend at the Library of Immediacy

Since July 21, the Library has hosted numerous events and activities, including book-making workshops and live music, and has been used as a meeting place for discussion, or for family lunches. Situated on a corner lot of a large expanse of the Parade Grounds and set apart from Figment’s sculpture park and artist-made miniature golf course, the semi-outdoor space rests calmly in the landscape. Visitors weave around the columns made to camouflage into the field, and are naturally guided to the communal table area where actual books (library) are displayed from The People’s Library, along with an art installation of publicly-curated objects by DADDY called #LOANER. The winning design team, saA, share their thoughts about the design process, as documented in an interview by SUPERFRONT’s summer intern, Naomi Shavin:

Many forces are at play on Governors Island, which is made for recreation and constrained exploration. This helps to encourage a respect of such an artist-made space, but there is a natural comfort that has been provided by the rustling of the shaded roof and the seating options for adults and children alike. Please see more images from past events here.

Making Mini Books with Rachel Schragis and Max Liboiron

Critical Walking on Governors Island


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