Thanks to everyone who helped make PUBLIC SUMMER: Library of Immediacy possible: SUPERFRONT’s generous donors and Kickstarter supporters /  FIGMENT: David Koren, Rocket Osborne, Jess Hooks, Carlijn Urlings / Governors Island / saA: Amy Chang and Seo Young Shin /  the SUPERFRONT Board of Directors / The People’s Library / DADDY / FOKUS / the charrette jury: David Benjamin, Lauren Crahan, Scott Hughes, Rocket Osborne, Cassim Shepard & Mabel Wilson  / the charrette participants / SUPERFRONT Interns: Daniel Greenspan, Adelaide Palum, Naomi Shavin, Mario Torres / SUPERFRONT’s talented construction and Library volunteers: Laura Wagner, JJ Yeo, Tyler Survant, Lulu Shen, Myeong Soo Kim, Jacob Dugopolski, Daniel Markiewicz, Seth James, John Morgan, Kathleen Massara, Carlos Guerrero, Scherezade Khan, the John V. Lindsay Wildcat Charter School / our generous materials sponsors: Materials for the Arts and Build It Green / all participating artists, thinkers and performers.





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