Summer Events at PUBLIC SUMMER: Library of Immediacy


Join SUPERFRONT, The People’s Library, DADDY and FOKUS for a summer full of events and workshops on Governors Island.

Check back often for new events. Everything will take place in the Library of Immediacy on Governors Island. Click here for details and how to get there.

September 22 +23
Final weekend of PUBLIC SUMMER: Library of Immediacy! Join us, and feel free to bring books for the library and objects for #LOANER!
Sunday, September 16
12-5pm- “Check It Out” by Maya Pindyck and Carla Repice

Come pick up “Check it Out”: Governor’s Island’s unofficial map of significant sites, available only at the Library of Immediacy on Sunday, September 16th. By re-naming sites throughout the island and placing unexpected labels onto unexpected things, artists Maya Pindyck and Carla Repice play with our agreed-upon system of defining and mapping. Viewers are invited to take a walking tour and check out these slippery pairings with a temporal map as their guide.
Sunday, September 9
2pm- Poetry Reading by Marcella Durand & Jennifer Firestone
Marcella Durand is the author of AREA (Belladonna Books), Traffic & Weather (Futurepoem Books) and Western Capital Rhapsodies (Faux Press). She’s currently shopping around a new manuscript, titled The Prospect.
Jennifer Firestone is the author of Flashes forthcoming (Shearsman Books) and Holiday (Shearsman Books). She is the co-editor of Letters To Poets: Conversations about Poetics, Politics and Community (Saturnalia Books). She is the assistant professor of Literary Studies at the New School’s Eugene Lang College.
Saturday, August 25
2pm- Occupy the Pen
Four writers will read from their work about Occupy Wall Street and discuss their experiences writing on, and being of the Occupy movement.
Melissa Gira Grant is the author of Take The Book: A History of the People’s Library at Occupy Wall Street. She’s a contributor to AlterNet, The Nation, the New York Observer, Wired, and others.
Manissa McCleave Maharawal is a graduate student in anthropology at the CUNY Graduate Center. Her writing on Occupy has appeared in a variety of publications.
Nathan Schneider is an editor at Waging Nonviolence and Killing the Buddha. His writing on Occupy has appeared in Harper’s, The Nation, The New York Times, and elsewhere.
Rachel Signer is a Brooklyn-based writer whose work has appeared in The Nation, n+1, Killing the Buddha, The Atlantic, and Good Magazine.
Sunday, August 26
2pm- Think Tank Discussion
The Occupy Think Tank hosts horizontal discussions in public spaces. We began by facilitating open conversations. This was a great way for people to share ideas, engage newcomers, learn from each other, and develop ideas in a collective way. These conversations, recordings and notes have been archived at NYU’s Tamiment Archives and on our website:
Saturday, August 18
2pm- Critical Walking on Governors Island with Occupy University
Engage the city, your body, and others, by putting yourself in motion.  This walk on Governors Island will pose the following questions:
How can we situate ourselves in our environment to best perceive the complex urban landscape?
By activating our body in the act of walking, how can we enhance our knowledge of the city and ourselves?
What radical ways can we re-conceive the city we live in when we mobilize everyday experience and a mundane acts such as walking?
How to ENJOY learning about the city while being IN the city!?
This Occupy University Critical Walk on Governors Island will be sequenced and paced to provide spaces of motion, discussion and reflection over approx 2+ hours. The walk will challenge us to critically understand how we situate our body and mind to critically understand the city toward shaping our future.
To join the walk all participants please meet at the Library of Immediacy at 2pm!
Sunday, August 19
2pm-5pm- Think Tank Discussion at the Library of Immediacy
 Learn more about the Think Tanks here. Join the group anytime between 2-5.
Saturday, August 11
2-5pm- Add your Story to the Library of Immediacy! Make a Mini-book with Rachel Schragis + Max Liboiron

Participants are welcome to drop in at any time during this workshop and create a book that will become part of the People’s Library archive. The workshop is free and open to all ages.
Saturday, July 21
2-5pm: Opening of PUBLIC SUMMER: Library of Immediacy
Includes Sonnet Boom!* with Ama Birch, a performance by artist Devin Kenny**and live Music by Alex Berne. Click here for details.
*Come out and choose one of 88 sonnets from “Sonnet Boom!” to read through a megaphone.
Ama Birch is an writer, actor, and artist. She lives in New York City.
**Using the framework of twitter, Devin Kenny will be releasing a short-form historical fiction, combining fragments of pop culture (such as The Ramones’ ‘I wanna be sedated’) and intertwined with anecdotal information from the day previous and amalgamating them into a text. 3 hours about de souffle will take 24 hours’ worth of tweets and compress them into a 3 hour span, released from end to beginning. Commenting on, while also engaging in the kind of self-archiving of one’s interiority that occurs as a result of social media and social networking.
Sunday, July 29
2pm- Books Take to the Streets: a book bloc workshop
Books have become a key icon of recent uprisings and social movements. Last fall, libraries—like the People’s Library of Occupy Wall Street—popped up at every occupation. In November at UC-Berkeley, when the tents were cleared from Occupy Cal, students filled a plaza with books spread open on their faces, accompanied by signs that read, “These are our new tents!” And in February in Valencia, Spain, protesting students brandished books at the police in an action called “Books against Nightsticks.” Perhaps the most striking example of such deployment of books has been the Book Bloc—phalanxes of protesters hoisting large shields against lines of riot police, each emblazoned with the cover of a book. Book Blocs first appeared in Italy in 2010, and since then they have made their way to London, Spain, California, New York and beyond.
For this workshop, we will supply the materials and instructions to make our own book shields. Members of Occupy CUNY and librarians from the People’s Library will be on hand to  talk about the history of the Book Bloc and spark conversation about the tactical and symbolic uses of books. Participants are encouraged to drop in for the workshop anytime between 2-5pm.
Sunday, August 5
2pm- Occupy Puppet Guild – performance & puppet building workshop, all ages welcome!
The People’s Puppets of Occupy Wall Street is a collective of puppeteers and artists from many disciplines who pool their inspiration, energy and resources to spread Occupy Wall Street’s core message of economic and social justice. Using art’s unique power to envision other worlds and explore sustainable alternatives, The People’s Puppets have created hundreds of puppets for Occupy gatherings and in solidarity with allied organizations, community groups, and unions since October 2011. 
Join them in workshopping excerpts from a new play they are creating, “Jack and the Corporate Beanstalk.” They need your help!  Come be a part of an interactive outdoor theater spectacle where the audience gets to help build and performing puppets!